Business Recovery & Insolvency is a term which covers a broad range of procedures. The often used phrase of ‘he’s gone bust’ can apply to Liquidations, Administrations and even Voluntary Arrangements. This isn’t always the case.

At Thomas Westcott Business Recovery & Insolvency we will always look to see if a business facing financial distress can be rescued or turned around in the first instance. This may not require a formal insolvency procedure, but if it does, we can assist in preparing a Company Voluntary Arrangement or placing the company into Administration with an aim to rescue the business. We are also highly experienced in assisting Directors with placing their company into Creditors Voluntary Liquidation if this is the only option available.

We can act for small sole traders to large limited companies. Whatever size of company and whatever the underlying problems, the team at Thomas Westcott Business Recovery & Insolvency are qualified to give you the best professional advice.